Who we are

We're a creative writing group based in Didsbury, Manchester. We've been going for about thirty years and we're still going strong - new people, good work and some publishing successes. Below you'll find a few of our members who've stuck their heads above the parapet.

Some of the links below may take you off to other web sites (over which, of course, we have no control). Don't forget to bookmark this site and come back here from time to time.

Anand S
So far, it's cats and pigs for small children

Boz Andre
"I could not put the book down. Wonderfully evocative writing which made me laugh and cry..." What more could we say?

David Beckler
Crime novels, with special attention to the baddies

Beverley Butcher
A first novel on the way - watch this space.

Mark Mitchell
Intense might be the word.

Beverley Proctor
Stories drawn from an interesting international life

John Waterhouse
A few words from one of our playwrights

Brett Wilson
Something different every time

Ed Wilson
Half a dozen unpublished novels, a few letters to the paper, two computer manuals, some very fine rejection letters...